The Unruly and the Humerous  |    |  Press Release
Saturday, September 13th - Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Joe Biel, Frontier

2008. Colored pencil and graphite on paper

Kim Dingle, Huge Maple Cake with Fudge Piping

2008. Oil on polyester

Antony Dodds, Buddha Bucket

2008. 5 gallon bucket, hyrocal, paint, statue

Llyn Foulkes, Goodbye Kati

2004-05. Mixed media

Iva Gueorguieva, Audition

2008. Acrylic on canvas

Nancy Jackson, A Way In

2004. Acrylic on canvas

Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Rescue Party

2008. Oil on canvas

Annie Lapin, Merge Down

2008. Oil on canvas

Justin Moore, Chronic Tectonic

2008. Ink on watercolor paper

Jonathan Pylypchuk, don't go around cursing people

2008. Mixed media on panel

Allison Schulnik, Garden (Porcelain) #1

2007. Oil on canvas

Jim Shaw, Nose sculpture wall sconce (brown)

2007. Mixed media, light and cord.

Kim Dingle, Party Cakes

2008. Oil on polyester vellum

Paul Cherwick, Cackhanded into the bargain

2008. Wood, epoxy resin, and pigment

Tim Ebner, Untitled (yellow and green)

2008. Acrylic on canvas

Justin Moore, Glacial Velocities

2008. Ink on watercolor paper

Nancy Jackson, Portrait of the Artist in Aspic

2008. Mixed media

Kelly McLane, S.O.L. Train

2008. Oil and graphite on canvas over panel.